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"What are a freelance midwife and an IT project manager doing in an Agriturismo in Tuscany?"


"As a midwife, I witnessed the greatest miracle in the world: the birth of a child."


My profession as a midwife has allowed me to experience countless beautiful and fulfilling experiences in accompanying parents, families and siblings. I am very grateful for this.

Now a new phase of my life begins in Tuscany.

I look forward to welcome you, dear guests, as your host at the Collina degli Olivi and to enrich your stay with Tuscan culture and cuisine.





"When I was 16, helping my grandfather clean wine barrels, tasting wine from the full barrels behind his back, I knew that one day I would make my own wine."

Now a few years have passed since then and I had taken a completely different path. Working as an IT senior project manager for over 30 years, this thought has never left me.


Now this dream has come true. Producing our own wine and olive oil together with Patricia and entertaining relatives and friends has surpassed it. 

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